Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh dear... a written entry? That's a first.

It's occurred to me that someone should really do a decent live cover of Bathory's 'Blood Fire Death'. It just seems like such a good song to play live. And seeing as it was probably hardly, if ever at all performed on stage by Bathory (and even then, it would have been over 20 years ago), it just seems like such a waste of a song that could have so much live potential.

Gave the new Fear Factory track a go this morning. First impression was that I didn't particularly hate it, but I wasn't exactly overwhemled by what I heard either. Yeah, it's got all your basic FF elements in there (although it does seem stripped back on the electronic front), but I really did think it was supposed to go somewhere a bit more than where it did go, undershooting the mark maybe. This particular track I just really couldn't get that into after about 45 seconds. Despite that, it's a promising start though, if the rest of the album builds on that it may be one of their better ones in recent times. we'll see.

Oh, and this is tomorrow night...

Looks to be a good show, and assuming there are no problems with the camera, there's should be some good photos too!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dawnof Azazel: 'Relentless' realease show - 16/10/09

Lesson from this night: Mixing Jager, red wine, and the cheap drinks supplied on the night seriously impairs my ability to document a show in any sort of fashion I'd be proud of while going through my efforts a few mornings after. Although the following are pretty neat.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cannibal Corpse 7th September 09

Well..I suppose this is the sort of stuff that you'll be expecting from this thing... to some degree..

The rest can be found here.

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